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The size of your floor tile does make a difference. Large Format Tiles are classified as larger than the typical 12”x12” tile.

The use of large stone slabs and large format ceramic and porcelain tiles is accelerating in both commercial and high-end residential applications, driven by the desire to maximize the beauty and color for which the tile was selected, without the interruption of a grout line or repetitive tile pattern.

The installation produced by larger-sized tile is more eye catching and continuous. The designs and graphic content are clearer and uninterrupted.

Large stone slabs have been used for generations in office buildings and banks to communicate elegance, affluence, and success. However the appearance of ceramic and porcelain large format tile required successful advances in manufacturing technology making them new additions to the market today, and opening the door to more creative interior designs.

Impact and beauty of such full slab and large-format installations in banks, hotels, malls, and restaurants, have inspired inclusion in new and remodeled home designs. The clean look, with fewer grout joints, yields a high-end designer feel.

Where Marblelife can help

As the leader in hard surface maintenance and care, MARBLELIFE is positioned to assist the large format tile installation owners and service companies in a variety of manners including:

Post Installation Services:
  • Post Installation Clean (and for natural products seal) – Grout application will generally leave a haze on the tile surface created as material is pressed into the grout line, even when the concioncous installer wipes the surface after installing the grout. These surfaces are much easier to clean the day after installation. Hard to clean surface finishes such as matte (versus gloss) finish and textured tile (wood-look planks) may require to assistance of pressure cleaning and MARBLELIFE’s domes interior units enabling cleaning without spraying water everywhere to penetrate the tile surface to release these materials in order to remove the associated haze.

  • Scratch Removal – Accidents happen. Whether created by another trade during construction or moving furniture in the home, scratches become eye sores. MARBLELIFE can assist in repairing or replacing damaged tiles to restore a seamless elegant appearance.
  • Wear Removal – Regardless of the material, if you intend to walk on it, you will eventually see wear and need to have your surface refinished or repaired. MARBLELIFE can restore these surfaces to their original beauty without the cost or dust of replacement.
  • Hollow Tiles – The larger the tile the higher the likelihood that a hollow is created due to a gap in the mortar bonding the tile to the concrete floor beneath the tile. Left unaddressed this hollow will eventually result in a crack as force associated with pressure or impact cannot be transferred to the floor beneath it. MARBLLEIFE can fill hollows beneath tile before they result in a crack or replacement. The larger the tile the greater the crack if not addressed.
  • Easy Cleaning Matte Finish – A matte finish is created by maintaining a subtle texture to the tile surface, however this same texture makes it easier for the tile to hold onto dirt. MARBLELIFE can seal these surfaces to maintain the light reflecting texture, but reducing the surfaces ability to hold dirt for an easier to maintain surface.
  • Cleaning – Whether seeking an appropriate cleaning product for your surface which will neither chemically harm the surface, nor leave unnecessary waxes and other ingredients on the surface, while addressing and facilitating the removal of oils and greases which enables surfaces to hold and grab dirt, MARBLELIFE can provide what you need for your day-to-day cleaning needs. MARBLELIFE can also assist getting a floor back to its original clean appearance, should it slip out of control. If “getting to clean” is a concern MARBLELIFE can assist in defining what is preventing this, how to get it back in control, and how to maintain it.

Safety Enhancements

  • Anti-Slip Treatments – Engineered to provide a the optimal coefficient-of-friction as called out by the Veteran’s Administration study on safe floors, MARBLELIFE Tilelok can assist building managers in reducing their slip-and-fall risks.

Anti-Graffiti Treatments
  • Installations in public venues are beautiful pallets for the local graffiti artist, however MARBLELIFE can assist you maintaining that beauty with the application of its proprietary TileLok anti-graffiti treatments which enable paint and permanent markers to be wiped away without damage to the coating or underlying surface.

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